What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

October 30th, 2012 | | What we play, What we say | Comments Off on What are you doing New Year’s Eve?


This past year has been one where dreams have been fulfilled. We’ve played ceilidhs for some lovely people up and down the country at weddings, retirement parties, birthdays, and music festivals. We’ve played for hundreds and we’ve played for fifteen. We’ve done two celilidhs in a day, and started one at two in the morning. Since we’ve started playing together, one of our band mates has become a dad, one’s got engaged, and the other has bought a new guitar.

But out of these events, nothing excites us as much as this: we will be bringing in your new year at Battersea Mess and Music Hall with a Hogmanay Hootenanny New Year’s Eve Ceilidh!

It was a cold Saturday in February and we’d just been on a 2 thirds of Fiddle Paradiddle trip to buy an ironing board from Asda. Walking back we happened to come across a handsome looking pub up Lavender Gardens. The intriguingly titled “music hall” garnered a closer inspection, and we met Holly for the first time who showed us the rooms of the pub.

Standing upstairs in the ballroom, I knew exactly what I wanted to do in this place. A new year’s eve ceilidh. Maybe it was the great space they had, maybe it was the bitterness of 25 previously lame new years, but I knew that 2012 was the year, and this was the place.

And do you know what? Dreams came true – and on 31 December 2012, we had our first ever Hogmanay Hootenanny, and now we’re back again with two New Year’s eve ceilidhs to get you dancing into 2015

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